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Honda Civic Owners Manual: Auto Pairing Connection

When you connect an Android phone to the unit via the front USB, Android Auto is automatically initiated.

Enabling Android Auto

Enabling Android Auto

Enable Once: Allows only once. (Prompt shows again next time.) Always Enable: Allows anytime. (Prompt does not show again.) Cancel: Does not allow this consent.

You may change the consent settings under the Smartphone settings menu.

Enabling Android Auto

Only initialize Android Auto when you are safely parked. When Android Auto first detects your phone, you will need to set up your phone so that auto pairing is possible. Refer to the instruction manual that came with your phone.

You can use the method below to change Android Auto settings after you have completed the initial setup: Select HOME  Settings  Smartphone   Android Auto

Use of user and vehicle information

The use and handling of user and vehicle information transmitted to/from your phone by Android Auto is governed by Google’s Privacy Policy.

Android Auto Menu
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Operating Android Auto with Voice Recognition
Press and hold the talk button to operate Android Auto with your voice. Below are examples of commands you can give with voice recognition: Reply to text. Call my wife. Navigate to Honda ...

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