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Honda Civic Owners Manual: USB Port(s)

USB Port(s)

Install the iPod USB connector or the USB flash drive to the front USB port.

Models with color audio system

Models with Display Audio

In the console compartment*

The USB port (1.0A) is for playing audio files on the USB flash drive and connecting a cellular phone and charging device.

USB Port(s)

If the audio system does not recognize the iPod, try reconnecting it a few times or reboot the device. To reboot, follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the iPod or visit

USB charge (1.5A)

The front USB port can supply up to 1.5A of power.

It does not output 1.5A unless requested by the device.

For amperage details, read the operating manual of the device that needs to be charged.

Turn the ignition switch to ACCESSORY (q or ON *1 first.

Under certain conditions, a device connected to the port may generate noise in the radio you are listening to.

About Your Audio System
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Audio System Theft Protection
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