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Honda Civic Owners Manual: SiriusXM Radio Service

Subscribing to SiriusXM Radio

  1. You need your radio ID ready before registering for subscription. To see the ID on the screen, select Channel 0.
  2.  Have your radio ID ready, and either call SiriusXM or visit the SiriusXM website to subscribe.

Receiving SiriusXM Radio

Switch to the SiriusXM mode by using the SOURCE button on the steering wheel, or through the audio/information screen, and stay in this mode for about 30 minutes until the service is activated. Make sure your vehicle is in an open area with good reception.

SiriusXM Radio Display Messages

Channel Not Subscribed: You are not subscribed to the channel selected.

Subscription Update: SiriusXM radio is receiving information update from the network.

Channel Not Available: No such channel exists, or the artist or title information is unavailable.

No Signal: The signal is too weak in the current location.

Antenna Disconnected: The SiriusXM antenna is disconnected. Contact a dealer.

Receiving SiriusXM Radio

The SiriusXM satellites are in orbit over the equator; therefore, objects south of the vehicle may cause satellite reception interruptions. Satellite signals are more likely to be blocked by tall buildings and mountains the farther north you travel from the equator.

You may experience reception problems under the following circumstances:

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