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Honda Civic Owners Manual: Setting Up Apple CarPlay

After you have connected your iPhone to the system via the front USB, use the following procedure to set up Apple CarPlay. Use of Apple CarPlay will result in the transmission of certain user and vehicle information (such as vehicle location, speed, and status) to your iPhone to enhance the Apple CarPlay experience. You will need to consent to the sharing of this information on the audio/information screen.

Enabling Apple CarPlay

Enabling Apple CarPlay

Enable Once: Allows only once. (Prompt shows again next time.) Always Enable: Allows anytime. (Prompt does not show again.) Cancel: Does not allow this consent.

You may change the consent settings under the Smartphone settings menu.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay Operating Requirements & Limitations

Apple CarPlay requires a compatible iPhone with an active cellular connection and data plan. Your carrier’s rate plans will apply.

Changes in operating systems, hardware, software, and other technology integral to providing Apple CarPlay functionality, as well as new or revised governmental regulations, may result in a decrease or cessation of Apple CarPlay functionality and services.

Honda cannot and does not provide any warranty or guarantee of future Apple CarPlay performance or functionality.

It is possible to use 3rd party apps if they are compatible with Apple CarPlay. Refer to the Apple homepage for information on compatible apps.

Setting Up Apple CarPlay

You can also use the method below to set up Apple CarPlay: Select HOME Settings Smartphone Apple CarPlay

Use of user and vehicle information

The use and handling of user and vehicle information transmitted to/from your iPhone by Apple CarPlay is governed by the Apple iOS terms and conditions and Apple’s Privacy Policy.

Apple CarPlay Menu
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