Honda Civic manuals

Honda Civic Service Manual: Powertrain Control Module

Throttle Body Removal and Installation (K24Z7)
1211Z7 Removal Do not insert your fingers into the installed throttle body when you turn the ignition switch to ON (II) or while the ignition switch is in ON (II). If you do, you will ser ...

ECM Removal and Installation (K24Z7)
1211K3 Removal 1. Battery Terminal - Disconnection 1. Make sure the ignition switch is in LOCK (0). ...

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Honda Civic Service Manual. Connecting Rod Bolt Inspection (K24Z7)
Inspection 1. Connecting Rod Bolt - Inspection 1. Measure the diameter of each connecting rod bolt at point A and point B. 35mmzomm 2. Calculate the difference in diameter between point A and point B. ...

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