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Honda Civic Owners Manual: Switching the Display

Using the button

Press the (display) button to change the display.

Switching the Display

Using the audio/information screen

Using the audio/information screen

Select to go to the home screen.

Select Phone, Info, Audio, Settings, Navigation*, HondaLink, Smartphone Connection (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto), App List, or Instrument Panel.


Displays the HFL information.

Bluetooth’ HandsFreeLink’

Using the audio/information screen

Touchscreen operation

You can change the touchscreen sensitivity setting


Displays Trip Computer or Clock/Wallpaper. Select   on the Info Menu screen to see all available options: Trip Computer, Voice Info, Clock/Wallpaper and System/Device Information.

Trip Computer:

Voice Info: Displays the all commands list.

Clock/Wallpaper: Displays the clock and wallpaper.

System/Device Information:


Displays the current audio information.


Enters the customizing menu screen.


Displays the navigation screen.

Refer to the Navigation System Manual


Connects with your smartphone*1 to play personalized music, information, and social media streams.


Smartphone Connection

Connects with your smartphone*1 and allows some apps on your smartphone to be used on the audio system.

Apple CarPlay

Android Auto

App List

Adds or removes apps or widgets on the home screen.

Home Screen

Instrument Panel

Selects from three customizable settings for the driver information interface.

Audio/Information Screen
Displays the audio status and wallpaper. From this display, you can go to various setup options. ...

Changing the Home Screen Icon Layout
1. Select . 2. Select and hold an icon. The screen switches to the customization screen. 3. Drag and drop the icon to where you want it to be. 4. Select OK. The screen will re ...

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