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Honda Civic Owners Manual: Parking Your Vehicle

Honda Civic Owners Manual / Driving / Parking Your Vehicle

When Stopped

  1. Depress the brake pedal firmly.
  2.  With the brake pedal depressed, pull up the electric parking brake switch slowly, but fully.

Continuously variable transmission models

  1. Move the shift lever from D to P.

Manual transmission models

  1. Move the shift lever to R or 1.

All models

  1. Turn off the engine.

    The electric parking brake indicator goes off in about 15 seconds.

Always confirm the electric parking brake is set, in particular if you are parked on an incline.

Parking Your Vehicle

Do not park your vehicle near flammable objects, such as dry grass, oil, or timber.

Heat from the exhaust can cause a fire.

When Stopped

NOTICE Continuously variable transmission models The following can damage the transmission:

  •  Depressing the accelerator and brake pedals simultaneously.
  •  Holding the vehicle in place when facing uphill by depressing the accelerator pedal.
  •  Moving the shift lever into P before the vehicle stops completely.

In extremely cold temperatures, the parking brake may freeze up if applied. If such temperatures are expected, do not apply the parking brake but, if parking on a slope, either turn the front wheels so they will contact the curb if the vehicle rolls down the slope or block the wheels to keep the vehicle from moving. If you do not take either precaution, the vehicle may roll unexpectedly, leading to a crash.

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