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Honda Civic Service Manual: Audio-Navigation Unit Removal and Installation ('13)

Honda Civic Service Manual / Accessories / Electronics / Audio / Audio-Navigation Unit Removal and Installation ('13)

1. Dashboard Center Pocket


Remove the screws (A).


Remove the dashboard center pocket (A).

2. Audio-Navigation Unit Assembly


Lay a workshop towel under the parts when working on them to protect the face panel from scratches or other damage.

Do not work in a dusty or dirty place.

Discharge static electricity from your body before and during the work.

Do not touch the circuit board(s) with your bare hands.

Do not work with dirty hands.

Do not touch the terminal connector of the flat plate cable with your bare hands (If you have touched it, wipe it off thoroughly.).

Eject the disc before removing the audio-navigation unit to prevent damaging the CD player's load mechanism.

If you are replacing the audio-navigation unit, write down the audio presets (if possible), then enter them into the new audio-navigation unit.

When the audio-navigation unit is replaced or disconnected, do the Map Matching. This part of the initialization matches the GPS coordinates with a road on the map screen. To do this part of the procedure, make sure that the navigation system displays a map, and drive the vehicle on a mapped road shown on the map screen. Do not enter a destination at this time. When the name of the current road you are driving on appears at the bottom of the screen, the entire procedure is complete.


Remove the bolts (A).


Disconnect the connectors, then pull out the audio-navigation unit assembly (A).

3. Audio-Navigation Unit


Remove the brackets (A) from the audio-navigation switch panel (B).


Remove the audio-navigation unit (C).

NOTE: If you are replacing the audio-navigation unit, remove the SD module.

1. Audio-Navigation Unit



Install the audio-navigation unit (A) to the audio-navigation switch panel (B).


If you are replacing the audio-navigation unit, install the SD module.

Check any official Honda service website for more service information about patches for the navigation system. Apply any prescribed patches to the new audio-navigation unit.

After installing the audio-navigation unit, park the vehicle outside, and do the GPS initialization.


Install the brackets (C).

2. Audio-Navigation Unit Assembly


Connect the connectors, then install the audio-navigation unit (A).

NOTE: Make sure all the connectors and the antenna lead are secure.



Install the bolts (A).

3. Dashboard Center Pocket


Install the dashboard center pocket (A).


Install the screws (A).

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