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Honda Civic Owners Manual: Replacing the Flat Tire

Replacing the Flat Tire

  1. Remove the wheel nuts and flat tire.

Replacing the Flat Tire

  1. Wipe the mounting surfaces of the wheel with a clean cloth.
  2.  Mount the compact spare tire.
  3.  Screw the wheel nuts until they touch the lips around the mounting holes, and stop rotating.

Replacing the Flat Tire

  1. Lower the vehicle and remove the jack.

    Tighten the wheel nuts in the order indicated in the image. Go around, tightening the nuts, two to three times in this order.

    Wheel nut torque: 80 lbf∙ft (108 N∙m, 11 kgf∙m)

Replacing the Flat Tire

Do not over tighten the wheel nuts by applying extra torque using your foot or a pipe.

Models with wheel cover

Make sure the wire support ring is hooked into the clips around the edge of the wheel cover.

Replacing the Flat Tire

Align the valve mark on the wheel cover to the tire valve on the wheel, then install the wheel cover.

Replacing the Flat Tire

How to Set Up the Jack
Place the jack under the jacking point closest to the tire to be changed. Turn the end bracket clockwise as shown in the image until the top of the jack contacts the jacking poi ...

Storing the Flat Tire
Models with aluminum wheels Remove the center cap. All models Place the flat tire face down in the spare tire well.  Remove the spacer cone from the wing bolt, flip it ov ...

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