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Honda Civic Owners Manual: Storing the Flat Tire

Storing the Flat Tire

Models with aluminum wheels

  1. Remove the center cap.

Storing the Flat Tire

All models

  1. Place the flat tire face down in the spare tire well.
  2.  Remove the spacer cone from the wing bolt, flip it over, and insert it back on the bolt. Secure the flat tire with the wing bolt.
  3.  Securely put the jack and wheel nut wrench back in the tool case. Store the case in the trunk.

Storing the Flat Tire

WARNING Loose items can fly around the interior in a crash and can seriously injure the occupants.

Store the wheel, jack, and tools securely before driving.

Models with wheel cover

Make sure the wire support ring is on the outer side of the tire valve as shown.

Storing the Flat Tire

Replacing the Flat Tire
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TPMS and the Compact Spare Tire
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