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Honda Civic Owners Manual: Using Automatic Heating

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The automatic heating system maintains the interior temperature you select. The system also selects the proper mix of heated or cooled air that raises or lowers the interior temperature to your preference as quickly as possible.

Using Automatic Heating

Use the system when the engine is running.

1. Press the AUTO button.

2. Adjust the interior temperature using the temperature control dial.

3. Press the (on/off) button to cancel.

Using Automatic Heating

If any buttons are pressed while using the heating system in auto, the function of the button that was pressed will take priority.

The AUTO indicator will go off, but functions unrelated to the button that were pressed will be controlled automatically.

To prevent cold air from blowing in from outside, the fan may not start immediately when the AUTO button is pressed.

When you set the temperature to the lower or upper limit, Lo or Hi is displayed.

Switching between the recirculation and fresh air modes

Press the (recirculation) or (fresh air) button to switch the mode depending on environmental conditions.

Recirculation mode (indicator on): Recirculates air from the vehicle’s interior through the system.

Fresh air mode (indicator on): Maintains outside ventilation. Keep the system in fresh air mode in normal situations.

Pressing the   button switches the heating system between on and off. When turned on, the system returns to your last selection.

While in the ECON mode, the heating system has greater temperature fluctuations.

Defrosting the Windshield and Windows

Defrosting the Windshield and Windows

Pressing the  (windshield defroster) button automatically switches the system to fresh air mode.

Press the button  again to turn off, the system returns to the previous settings.

To rapidly defrost the windows

To rapidly defrost the windows

1. Press the  button.

2. Press the button.

For your safety, make sure you have a clear view through all the windows before driving.

Do not set the temperature near the upper or lower limit.

When cold air hits the windshield, the outside of the windshield may fog up.

If the side windows fog up, adjust the vents so that the air hits the side windows.

To rapidly defrost the windows

After defrosting the windows, switch over to fresh air mode. If you keep the system in recirculation mode, the windows may fog up from humidity. This impedes visibility.

Heating System*

Automatic Heating Sensors
The automatic heating system is equipped with sensors. Do not cover or spill any liquid on them. ...

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