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Honda Civic Owners Manual: Shift Lever Does Not Move

Honda Civic Owners Manual / Handling the Unexpected / Shift Lever Does Not Move

Continuously variable transmission models

Follow the procedure below if you cannot move the shift lever out of the (P position.

Releasing the Lock

Releasing the Lock

  1. Set the parking brake.

Models without smart entry system

  1. Remove the key from the ignition switch.

Models with smart entry system

  1. Remove the built-in key from the smart entry remote.

All models

  1. Move the removable beverage holder tray rearward.
  2. Wrap a cloth around the tip of a small flattip screwdriver to remove the cover of the shift lock release slot. Put the tip of the flattip screwdriver into the slot and remove it as shown in the image.
  3.  Insert the key into the shift lock release slot.
  4.  While pushing the key in, press the shift lever release button and place the shift lever into N.

    The lock is now released. Have the shift lever checked by a dealer as soon as possible.

Releasing the Lock

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