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Honda Civic Owners Manual: Installing a LATCH-Compatible Child Seat

A LATCH-compatible child seat can be installed in either of the two outer rear seats.

A child seat is attached to the lower anchors with either the rigid or flexible type of connectors.

Installing a LATCH-Compatible Child Seat

1. Locate the lower anchors under the marks.

Installing a LATCH-Compatible Child Seat

2. Place the child seat on the vehicle seat then attach the child seat to the lower anchors according to the instructions that came with the child seat.

Installing a LATCH-Compatible Child Seat

3. Open the tether anchor cover behind the head restraint.

4. Route the tether strap over the top of the head restraint and secure the tether strap hook to the anchor.

5. Tighten the tether strap as instructed by the child seat manufacturer.

6. Make sure the child seat is firmly secured by rocking it forward and back and side to side; little movement should be felt.

7. Make sure any unused seat belt that a child can reach is buckled, the lockable retractor is activated, and the belt is fully retracted and locked.

Installing a LATCH-Compatible Child Seat

Installing a LATCH-Compatible Child Seat

For your child’s safety, when using a child seat installed using the LATCH system, make sure that the child seat is properly secured to the vehicle. A child seat that is not properly secured will not adequately protect a child in a crash and may cause injury to the child or other vehicle occupants.

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