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Honda Civic Service Manual: Fuel Line/Quick-Connect Fitting Precautions (R18Z1)

Honda Civic Service Manual / Powertrain / Engine / Fuel System / Fuel Line/Quick-Connect Fitting Precautions (R18Z1)

The fuel line/quick-connect fittings (A and B) connect the fuel feed line (C) to the fuel feed hose (D), the fuel feed hose to the fuel line (E), the fuel line (F) to the fuel tank unit (G). When removing or installing the fuel feed hose, the fuel tank unit, the fuel tank, or when disconnecting/connecting the quick-connect fittings, pay attention to the following:

The fuel feed hose, the fuel line, and the quick-connect fittings are not heat-resistant; be careful not to damage them during welding or other heat-generating procedures.

The fuel feed hose, the fuel line, and the quick-connect fittings are not acid-proof; do not touch them with a shop towel which was used for wiping battery electrolyte. Replace them if they came into contact with electrolyte or something similar.

When connecting or disconnecting the fuel feed hose, the fuel line, and the quick-connect fittings, be careful not to bend or twist them excessively. Replace them if they are damaged.

A disconnected quick-connect fitting can be reconnected, but the retainer on the mating line cannot be reused once it has been removed from the line. Replace the retainer when:

Replacing the fuel rail

Replacing the fuel line

Replacing the fuel pump

Replacing the fuel filter

Replacing the fuel tank

The retainer has been removed from the pipe

The retainer is damaged

Use the same manufacturer retainer and the same size retainer when the replacing the retainer.



Retainer color

Piping diameter




6.3 mm
(0.252 in)




9.5 mm
(0.374 in)

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