Honda Civic manuals

Honda Civic Service Manual: Pulleys and Belts

Engine Block Drain Bolt/Sealing Bolt Removal and Installation (Except K24Z7)
Replacement 1. Sealing Bolt NOTE: When installing the drain bolt and/or sealing bolt, always use new washers. l.5mm75mm35mmmmkglm,i25mm75 ...

Drive Belt Auto-Tensioner Air Bleeding (Except K24Z7)
1. Drive Belt 1. Move the auto-tensioner (A) counterclockwise to relieve tension from the drive belt (B). ...

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Honda Civic Service Manual. CMP Sensor B Removal and Installation (K24Z7)
1211X7 Removal 1. EVAP Canister Purge Valve and Bracket 1. Remove the air cleaner upper cover (A). 2. Remove the EVAP canister purge valve an ...

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