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Honda Civic Owners Manual: CMBSTM On and Off

CMBSTM On and Off

Press this button until the beeper sounds to switch the system on or off.

When the CMBSTM is off:

The CMBSTM is in the previously selected ON or OFF setting each time you start the engine.

Collision Mitigation Braking SystemTM (CMBSTM)*

The CMBSTM may automatically shut off, and the CMBSTM indicator will come and stay on under certain conditions:

The CMBSTM indicator may come on after reconnecting the battery.

Drive a short distance at more than 12 mph (20 km/ h). The indicator should go off. If it does not, have your vehicle checked by a dealer.

Collision Alert Stages
The system has three alert stages for a possible collision. However, depending on circumstances, the CMBSTM may not go through all of the stages before initiating the last stage. ...

CMBSTM Conditions and Limitations
The system may automatically shut off and the CMBSTM indicator will come on under certain conditions. Some examples of these conditions are listed below. Other conditions may reduce some of the CM ...

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