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Honda Civic Owners Manual: With Little Chance of a Collision

The CMBSTM may activate even when you are aware of a vehicle ahead of you, or when there is no vehicle ahead. Some examples of this are:

 When Passing

Your vehicle approaches another vehicle ahead of you and you change lanes to pass.

 At an intersection

Your vehicle approaches or passes another vehicle that is making a left or right turn.

 On a curve

When driving through curves, your vehicle comes to a point where an oncoming vehicle is right in front of you.

 Through a low bridge at high speed

You drive under a low or narrow bridge at high speed.

 Speed bumps, road work sites, train tracks, roadside objects, etc.

You drive over speed bumps, steel road plates, etc., or your vehicle approaches train tracks or roadside objects (such as a traffic sign and guard rail) on a curve or, when parking, stationary vehicles and walls.

Collision Mitigation Braking SystemTM (CMBSTM)*

For the CMBSTM to work properly: Always keep the radar sensor cover clean.

Never use chemical solvents or polishing powder for cleaning the sensor cover. Clean it with water or a mild detergent.

Do not paint, or apply any coverings or paint to the radar sensor area. This can impact CMBS operation.

Have your vehicle checked by a dealer if you find any unusual behavior of the system (e.g., the warning message appears too frequently).

If the front of the vehicle is impacted in any of the following situations, the radar sensor may not work properly. Have your vehicle checked by a dealer:

  •  The vehicle mounted onto a bump, curb, chock, embankment, etc.
  •  You drive the vehicle where the water is deep.
  •  Your vehicle has a frontal collision.
CMBSTM Conditions and Limitations
The system may automatically shut off and the CMBSTM indicator will come on under certain conditions. Some examples of these conditions are listed below. Other conditions may reduce some of the CM ...

Parking Your Vehicle
When Stopped Depress the brake pedal firmly.  With the brake pedal depressed, pull up the electric parking brake switch slowly, but fully. Continuously variable transmission models ...

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