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Honda Civic Owners Manual: When the System can be Used

The system can be used when the following conditions are met.

How to activate the system

How to activate the system

  1. Press the MAIN button.

    The LKAS is on in the driver information interface.

    The system is ready to use.

  2.  Press the LKAS button.

    Lane outlines appear on the driver information interface.

    The system is activated.

When the System can be Used

If the vehicle drifts toward either the left or right lane line due to the system applying torque, turn off the LKAS and have your vehicle checked by a dealer.

The LKAS temporarily deactivates when it fails to detect lane lines. When the system detects the lines again, it comes back on automatically.

How to activate the system

  1. Keep your vehicle near the center of the lane while driving.

    The dotted outer lines change to solid ones once the system starts operating after detecting the left and right lane markings.

Lane Departure Warning Function
When the vehicle enters the warning area, the LKAS alerts you with slight steering wheel vibration as well as a warning display. ...

To cancel
To cancel the LKAS: Press the MAIN or LKAS button. The LKAS is turned off every time you stop the engine, even if you turned it on the last time you drove the vehicle. To cancel ...

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