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Honda Civic Owners Manual: To Cancel

To Cancel

To cancel ACC with LSF, do any of the following:

To Cancel

Resuming the prior set speed: After you have canceled ACC with LSF, you can resume the prior set speed while it is still displayed. Press the RES/+ button.

The set speed cannot be set or resumed when ACC with LSF has been turned off using the MAIN button.

Press the MAIN button to activate the system, then set the desired speed.

Automatic cancellation

The beeper sounds and a message appears on the driver information interface when ACC with LSF is automatically canceled. Any of these conditions may cause the ACC with LSF to automatically cancel:

The ACC with LSF automatic cancellation can be also triggered by the following causes. In these cases, the parking brake will be automatically applied.

Automatic cancellation

Even though ACC with LSF has been automatically canceled, you can still resume the prior set speed.

Wait until the condition that caused ACC with LSF to cancel improves, then press the -/SET button.

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