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Honda Civic Owners Manual: Automatic Power Off

If you leave the vehicle for 30 to 60 minutes with the shift lever in P*1 and the power mode in ACCESSORY, the vehicle automatically goes into the mode similar to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK) to avoid draining the battery.

When in this mode:

Except U.S. continuously variable transmission models

The steering wheel does not lock.

All models

You cannot lock or unlock doors with the remote transmitter or the smart entry system.

Press the ENGINE START/STOP button twice to switch the mode to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK).

Changing the Power Mode

Except U.S. continuously variable transmission models

If the power mode does not change from VEHICLE OFF to ACCESSORY, press the ENGINE START/STOP button while moving the steering wheel left and right. The steering wheel will unlock, allowing the mode to change.

Power Mode Reminder

If you open the driver’s door when the power mode is set to ACCESSORY, a warning beep sounds.

Changing the Power Mode
*1: Except U.S. models with continuously variable transmission *2: U.S. models * Not available on all models ENGINE START/STOP Button* ENGINE START/STOP Button Operating Range You can sta ...

Smart Entry Remote Reminder
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